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Nurses Labour Hire: Tackling Skills Shortage – 482 TSS Visa

Labour Hire: Bridging the gap in Australia’s care industry one TSS Visa at a time!

As a partnership dedicated to helping NDIS and HCP providers with their labour hire and staffing solutions, Together We Can and Partner Direct Consulting Services understand the challenges of finding quality care workers in Australia. The current skills shortage in the care industry has made it difficult for NDIS providers and Aged Care Providers to find the staff they need to provide the level of care their clients deserve. That’s why we are excited to offer a solution that not only helps address the skills shortage but one through which we train, support, and deploy our workers where they are needed. Sponsoring International Nurses, AIN, and support workers can address our regional shortages, so relocating to regional parts of NSW is met with excitement as our Nursing staff are excited just to be here. They come with education and training and enjoy the ongoing training and support that Direct Consulting Services promises to provide as the Sponsorship stays in our hands.

Introducing the TSS Visa 482 – Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

The TSS Visa 482 is a temporary skilled visa that allows employers to sponsor international workers to work in Australia for up to four years. This visa is particularly relevant for care industry as it allows care providers to access skilled nurses and care workers from overseas to help fill the skills gap in the industry. As part of labour hire and staffing solutions, we are able to sponsor care workers on this visa. We bear the burden and cost and share the responsibilities with our client. To take advantage you will need to commit for the long-term, but that’s the point isn’t it…to have an assured labour force delivering quality care.

Our Pool of Staff

Together We Can and Direct Consulting Services already have a pool of skilled and experienced care workers that we have recruited from Australia and overseas. We take pride in ensuring that all our staff have the necessary qualifications, skills, and experience to provide quality care to our clients. Our pool of staff includes people with a range of skills and experience for disability and age care workers.

Sponsorship and International Recruits

In addition to our pool of local nursing staff, we are excited to offer sponsorship for international recruits. This means that we can help people from overseas who want to work in Australia as a carer to find employment. We understand that there are many skilled and experienced care workers overseas who would love the opportunity to work in Australia and help address the skills shortage in the industry. By sponsoring international recruits on the TSS Visa 482, we can help connect them with the right fit culturally, and that need and specific skills and experience match.

NDIS and Aged Care

The skills shortage in the care industry affects both the NDIS and aged care sectors as well as we’re competing against the public and private healthcare system. Our candidates have chosen Age Care and/or NDIS as their preferred careers and are ready to be placed on contracts ranging from 2 years and 4 years in line with the requirements of their TSS VISA 482.

Start the Journey

We are here to help you find your clients’ perfect matches and to ensure you always have access to care workers with the right skill sets so you can better serve your clients. Utilizing the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa 482 helps us provide you with a diverse pool of qualified support workers that match your preferences, whenever you need them, using quick and easy staffing solutions that will allow you to quickly stabilize your workforce and grow your business through partnering with us.

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